About Michal's Hockey Academy

For over ten years, the Michals Hockey Academy, founded by brothers Jim and Doug Michals, has been training hockey players of all ages and skill levels. Formerly known as TEAMS Training and Stride Right Power Skating, the Academy works with beginners just learning to skate, to junior hockey players, and NCAA student-athletes looking to improve their skills.

The Michals Hockey Academy offers unique training opportunities, including Private Lessons, Skating Treadmill Lessons, Shooting and Stickhandling Lessons, Goaltender Instruction, Skill Clinics, Summer Camps, and more. The Academy prides itself on the ability to develop a personalized training program for each player. 

Learn more about our offerings below or contact us at 617-558-3267.

Our Philosophy 

We understand that every player has his/her own strengths and weaknesses. This philosophy enables us to train player of every skill level and age. Every time a player joins us for a training session, we strive to ensure that he/she learns and develops essential hockey skills.

innovative skating treadmill training

As we work to provide the latest in hockey training for our players, our Skating Treadmill is a unique and effective training tool. Made from synthetic ice, the Skating Treadmill operates at speeds over 45 kilometers per hour and can tilt from 0 to 60 percent grade. The Treadmill allows the skaters to work on stride-specific muscles. The Treadmill enables skaters to focus specifically on their stride. With our video technology, trainers are able break down and fine tune a skaters stride. With each treadmill session, skaters will become faster, stronger, more explosive, improve balance and acceleration. The synthetic ice surface, allows skaters to train as if they were on real-ice, which allows our coaches to give them specific and focused instruction.

For more information on our Skating Treadmill Lessons CLICK HERE.

Shooting and stickhandling training 

The Mini Rink is a training tool, made of synthetic ice that enables skaters to improve their shooting and stick skills. With our Small Group, and Private Lessons, trainers are able to break down and analyze each skater’s shooting and stickhandling skills. The ice-like surface enables the skaters to practice game like situations and fine tune their stick skills.

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goaltender training

The Goalie Academy of Boston is one of the leaders in goaltending instruction in the North East. Coupling professional coaches and synthetic ice, goalies are given the tools to improve their skills and confidence. The ice-like surface enables us to simulate game like situations and fine tune each goalie’s skill set. We offer a variety of training options and are able to a customized training plan for each of our goalies.

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camps & clinics

Throughout the year, the Michals Hockey Academy offers a wide range of skill clinics. These skill clinics are designed to improve specific skills, bringing players to a new level. Split up based on age and skill level, players are able to receive the best possible instruction available. Our camps and clinics include skating, shooting & scoring, stickhandling, goaltending, game situations, and elite camps. We also offer Sports camps for younger players. Our Sports camps allow 5-9 year olds to improve their hockey skills but also to play soccer, lacrosse, flag football, and baseball.

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